All games shall be played in accordance with the official code of the Laws of Chess as compiled by FIDE. Including, where relevant, laws relating to quickplay finishes.




In the event of a contradiction between FIDE rules and League rules, League rules shall apply.




Players will be allowed to take mobiles into the playing room, but are requested where possible to have ring-tones switched off, and must not make outgoing calls during a game.

 Where the sound of a player’s mobile phone interrupts a game, this does not automatically incur a penalty, but a second occurrence for the same player in the same match will result in a default win for the opponent.




Fixture lists, as sent out to all clubs by the Ex.D. shall contain no fixtures later than the Friday of the third full week of May.




The Ex.D. or Rules Director will decide on matters regarding infringement of the rules, taking into account any exceptional circumstances reported and impose any penalties subject to appeal.




Any appeal against a decision of the Ex.D./Rules Director must be lodged with the zone secretary within 14 days of that decision, including the reason for the appeal. The Executive Committee will make a final decision within 28 days of receipt of the appeal, with the officer who made the original decision not taking part in any voting. The club/individual concerned has the right to be present when the appeal is heard.




The Ex.D.  may use his discretion in any reference to fixed dates/times in respect of any student teams.

League Structure




Each match shall be played over 5 boards, with the away side taking White on the odd-numbered boards.




Positions in the League shall be decided first on game points (1 point for a win, ½ for a draw and 0 for a loss), then on match points (2 points for a win, and 1 point for a draw), then on game points between the teams involved.




The League shall consist of Divisions of ten teams who shall play each other on an all-play-all home and away basis except in the lowest Division where the Ex.D. will use his discretion.




Promotion and relegation will be on the basis of three up and three down




Each season, at least one team shall be relegated from each division except the lowest. Numbers shall be made up when necessary by first reducing relegation places to one team, then by increasing promotion places.

Results Notification




Results must be notified to the Ex.D. of the league within 7 days of the match either by a result card or by e-mail. If neither team has reported the outcome of the match within 10 days, the result will be provisionally scored 0-0 and the clubs notified of this. 

 If the result is reported within 7 days of receiving this notice, the actual game points scored will be credited to the record of whichever team(s) report the outcome, but the team(s) reporting the result will be given 6 penalty points for a first such offence, and 12 penalty points for subsequent such offences. 

 A team failing to report the result within the additional 7 day period mentioned will score no game points from the match, and will be given 6 penalty points for a first such offence, and a further 12 penalty points for subsequent offences.

 Where e-mail is used, the result card should be kept until the AGM for verification purposes. The results card should be signed by both captains and indicate which team it came from by circling the team name.

Fixtures and Rearrangements




The Ex.D. will issue fixtures via the EG website by 1st August each calendar year. Where necessary a printed copy will be provided upon request.




Club secretaries will have until 21st August to make any amendments to the fixture calendar – subject to 5(c)(i) provided they have the approval of the clubs with whom they are making the amendment. For any such rearrangements, 5(c)(ii) will only apply to matches involving teams from the same club subject to 5(b). The Ex.D. must approve all such changes.




Where two or more teams from the same club play in the same division, the club's two highest ranking teams shall meet within the first three rounds of the season and the reverse fixtures shall be played within the first three rounds of the second half of the season.




Clubs may rearrange any matches and notify the Ex.D. subject to:




No match is to be arranged later than the original final match in each individual division as sent out by the Ex.D on 1st August.




The rearranged date must be no later than 10 weeks of the original date, unless the rearrangement is simply an exchange of home and away matches involving those teams.




Teams wishing to rearrange and able to give at least a fortnight's notice of the need to rearrange, may do so by mutual agreement, then notify the Ex. D.

The Executive committee may advise a team of possible disciplinary measures if, after the start of October, that team needs to rearrange more than 2 matches.




A club needing to rearrange a match without giving a fortnight's notice, can only do so with the agreement of their opponents and the Ex.D. Both clubs should bear in mind the comment (vi) in the preamble.





All matches in the league must be played.




A team that fails to fulfill a scheduled fixture will immediately have 5 game points deducted.  The game will be rescheduled as per the non-offending team’s requirements, bearing in mind 5(c).


(c )


If a team without prior notice fails to turn up on 2 match dates – either as originally scheduled or on a date arranged according to 5(e) - they will be warned that on a third such occasion, they will be immediately withdrawn from the league.  If allowed back the following season, they will have to restart in the lowest division.




Where a team is expelled or withdraws from the league, that team's results for the season will be annulled, except where a team has played at least one match against every other team in that division, in which case the result of the first match only against every other team will stand.




Once any game is played in a match, the fixture has been fulfilled.

Rate of Play




All matches are deemed to have started by 7:30 pm.




On each board, any delay from the starting time in (a) will be taken from the time of whichever club/player caused the delay.




All games shall be played to a finish on the night at a rate of 30 moves in 60 minutes and then an additional 25 minutes to complete the game.





Where digital clocks are being used, such clocks must be set wherever possible so that the additional time allowed to the final time control is added to both clocks once either clock has reached zero. Digital clocks must not be set to count the moves played.  The game score is the only valid evidence of the number of moves made in a game.

Players’ Team and Game Restrictions

Club Restriction




Players shall not play for more than one club in Association League matches in one season except by permission of the Ex.D. in consultation with the Chairman and Secretary.  (See also Appendix 3-3).


In any club with three or more teams, each player rated 1900 or over at the start of the season can play in only 2 of those teams.


Any player rated 1900 or over at the start of the season that has played 24 games in a season may only play for one of his two teams for the remainder of the season.

Game Numbers Restrictions  




Players with a rating under 1400 may play an unlimited number of games for their club in the league.  For other players, the maximum number of games that a player can play in the league shall be 30 games.  In exceptional circumstances the Ex.D. May allow more games to be played.

 A player may play a maximum of 4 games against any opposing team in one season.

Team Ordering




Team captains will arrange players in order of playing strength.  A tolerance of 100 points will be allowed for all players, based on the latest available EG published rating list.  

             (f)                 In the event of a default being known about before the match commences the opponents can reposition a player from a higher board to

                                 claim the default win.  Penalties for board order strength will not apply to this player

Default of Games

Effect on Counts




When a team defaults a board in a match, the opponents must name a player in accordance with 8(d) on that board to score the game point.

The game will not count towards any total required in Rule 8(c),




Clubs should make every effort to ensure that defaults occur on the lowest boards upwards; otherwise penalties will be incurred, subject to the right of appeal.




There is a half hour default time in all matches, after which the game will be awarded to the player present.  Until half an hour has elapsed, a captain may use a replacement player who will be subject to the rules and penalties on that board unless agreed with the opposing captain. 




When team lists are exchanged and all listed players are present then no subsequent changes may be made to personnel or board order, unless the captains agree and the match has not yet started. 

A captain whose team   members are not all present may ask the opposing captain whether certain specified player(s) play on any board(s) allowed by EG Rating restrictions, or on the lowest board(s).


The opposing captain shall make this decision and the Ex.D. shall be informed of this. In this event no penalty points for infringement of Rule 8d by the specified player(s) will be applied.  

  2- minute rule claims  - FIDE Guideline III




III.6.1 A player may claim a draw when he has less than 2 minutes left on his clock and before his flag falls.  This concludes the game. He may claim on the basis: 

III.6.1.I that his opponent cannot win by normal means, and/or 

III.6.I.2 that his opponent has been making no effort to win by normal means.

In III.6.1.1 the player must write down the final position and his opponent must verify it

In III.6.1.2 the player must write down the final position and submit an up-to-date scoresheet.  The opponent shall verify both  

the scoresheet and the final position.

III.6.2 The claim shall be submitted to the Ex.Dir

The claim must include all the required documentation within 3 days of the match being played.  Any claim not

Properly submitted will be dismissed with no appeal allowed.

If there is a valid, properly documented claim, the Ex.Dir will submit the claim to a Welsh Arbiter who will judge the claim with a view 

to Awarding a draw.  The Arbiter’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.  


    Article 8: The recording of the moves




In the course of play each player is required to record his own moves and those of his opponent, move after move, as clearly and legibly as possible, in the algebraic notation on the scoresheet prescribed for the competition. 

A player may reply to his opponent's move before recording it, if he so wishes. He must record his previous move before making another. The offer of a draw must be recorded on the scoresheet by both players.




If a player has less than five minutes left on his clock and does not have additional time of 30 seconds or more added with each move, then he is not obliged to meet the requirements of Article 8.1. Immediately after one flag has fallen the player must update his scoresheet completely.


Specific Penalties




Penalty points will be issued for all infringements of the rules. 




Every 2 penalty points will result in a deduction of ½ game point. 




Infringements not listed below or specified in the rules, will incur 1 penalty point for the first offence; until the team has been notified of the breach, subsequent breaches of the same rule will incur 4 penalty points for each infringement. 




Postponements - For each match more than the permitted 2 that a team postpones after 1st October, penalty points will be applied at a rate of 1 penalty point until a warning has been issued and 4 penalty points for each postponement thereafter.




Board Defaults in contradiction to 9(b)

Board 1 – 8 penalty points,  

Board 2 – 6 penalty points,     

Board 3 – 4 penalty points,

Board 4 – 2 penalty points.




Playing an Ineligible Player – game counts or failure to register.         

Any ineligible player will be considered the same as a default on that board and treated as in (b) above.  Additionally the team will be given 2 penalty points for the first offence by that team and on further occasions until a warning has been issued, after which 4 penalty points will be given for each subsequent offence by the same team.

Board Ordering




If a team contravenes rule 8(d), 4 penalty points will be imposed on the highest board where the contravention occurs.




If a match is not played within 10 weeks of the fixture date, there will be a penalty of 4 points to the team(s) causing the need for a re-arrangement.    

The other team will also receive a penalty of 4 points unless they can show evidence that they have sought to arrange to play the match within the 10 weeks.





Player Club Registration

A player shall play only for the club with which he is registered and may only be registered with one club at any one time.

To register a player clubs must notify both the Treasurer and Ex.D. of:-

i.                the players name

ii.            for juniors the players date of birth.  A junior is someone under the age of 18 on 1st September when the league season  starts

iii.              clarify whether this player has played chess in Wales during the past 5 years

iv.             enclose the correct fee

v.              WCU id if known

All clubs must make their first bulk registration of players by 31st October. 

Any players not included in this list will be subject to a registration period of 28 days from the date of their first match.  Any late payment for these players will be subject to both a late registration surcharge of £1 and in accordance with Appendix 2, point 4(d) will be considered as ineligible players until their registration has been completed.




Transferring.                                                                                                                                                             A player may, however, transfer to another club by cancelling his original registration then being re-registered with his new club.  Once re-registered, he may then play for his new club. (See also rule 8(a)).




Transfer Fee

A 'transfer fee' payable to the Association, equivalent to the original registration fee must be paid.




Association Events

Any player who participates in events organised by the Association must be registered, unless such events are designated 'Open'. 




Registration fees along with relevant information are to be sent direct to the treasurer.

These as currently as follows: -

Adult    Full fee   £18 

Junior   Full fee    £9

EG fee only (e.g. for WCU honorary members/players registered through another zone)  

Adults                   £3

Juniors                 £2

 WCU fee only (e.g. for EG honorary members)

Adults                   £15

Juniors                 £7