The   65th AGM of the Association will be held on        , at Ystradfechan Bowls Club, home of the Rhondda Chess Club, starting at 7.30p.m.



1.   Apologies for absence.


2.   Minutes of last meeting.


3.   Matters arising.


4.   Correspondence


5.   Presentation of reports of:-


a)    Secretary

b)    Treasurer

c)     Executive Director                                 

d)    Match captain(s)

e)    Rating Officer


6. Reports of delegates to WCU


a)    Management board                   

b)    Home Committee

c)     Development Committee

d)    Publicity Committee

e)    International Committee            

f)     Junior Committee

g)    Ladies Committee


7. Review of membership fees


8. Presentation of trophies for 2018-19.


a)    Divisional trophies

(Cardiff Castles, Bridgend A, Pontypridd Phoenix, Pontypridd Thirds)

b)    KO Cup


c)     Alec Wood Trophy for the greatest increase in grade (June 2018-19)


9. Election of officers for 2019-20


a)    Chairman                                              

b)    Vice Chairman

c)    Secretary          

d)    Treasurer

e)    Executive Director                                 

f)     Rules Director

·         10. Election of delegates to WCU


a)    Management Board                               

b)    Home Committee

c)    Development Committee

d)    Ladies Committee

e)    Publicity Committee (this person will be our publicity officer)

f)     Junior Committee (this person will be our junior organiser)

g)    International Committee (this person is automatically by our rules the rep. to the Selection Committee)                                        

h)    Vice president to WCU

11. Election of


a)    KO Cup Secretary                      

b)    Match Captain(s)

c)     Rating Officer                 

d)    Auditor

12 Arrangements for EG half hour tournament


13. Arrangement for EG Closed Tournament


14. To consider and approve the Association’s Junior Grant


15. To approve Honoraria


16. A.O.B.