The 65th AGM of the Association was held on 2 July 2019 at Ystradfechan Bowls Club, Taff Terrace Treorchy, CF42 6UG, home of the Rhondda Chess Club, starting at 7:30p.m. 


Present: Bill Harle (Vice Chairman), Phil Jones (Executive Director), Martin Ricketts (Treasurer), Kevin Staveley (Rules Director), Anthony Williams, Dave Robinson (Bridgend), Martin Jones, John Thornton (Caerphilly), Chris Hooper (Cardiff), Simon Blackmore, Rob Dineen, Liam Penney (North Cardiff), Mike McGuire (Pentyrch), Dai James, Roy Thomas (Pontypridd), Edwin Allen, Gareth Harding, Andrew Moore (Rhondda).




1.     Apologies For Absence 

Anthony Baker, Pete Heaven, Stuart Hutchings and Peter Slater.



2.     Minutes of the 2018 AGM

Accepted as a true copy



3.     Matters Arising

There were no matters arising



4.     Correspondence

In the absence of the Zone Secretary none were reported



5.  Presentation of reports of


  1.  Secretary

No report presented.


b.    Treasurer

The accounts were presented by Martin Ricketts (see Annex 1 below)

The acting chairman thanked Martin for his report


c.    Executive Director

The Executive Directors report was presented by Phil Jones (see Annex 2 below)

The acting chairman thanked Phil for his report


d.    Match Captain

No report presented


e.    Rating Officer

The Rating Officers report was submitted by Pete Heaven (see Annex 3 below)               



6.         Reports of delegates to WCU


  1. Management Board

The Management Board Officer’s report was presented by John Thornton (see Annex 4 below)    

The acting chairman thanked John for his report


  1. Home Committee

Dai James reported that no formal meetings had been held.  There had been informal discussions around the format/venues for the Welsh Premier League.

The acting chairman thanked Dai for his report


  1. Development Committee

No report presented


  1. Publicity Committee

Dai James reported that no meetings had taken place as he was the only Publicity Office in the WCU

The acting chairman thanked Dai for his support


  1. International Committee

Stuart Hutchings was not present but a written report was presented (see Annex 5 below)


  1. Junior Committee

The Junior Committee Officer’s report was presented by John Thornton (see Annex 4 below)       

The acting chairman thanked John for his report


  1. Ladies Committee

No report presented



7.         Review of membership fees


There was no formal proposal to amend our agreed subscriptions.  The moratorium on fees was agreed for 1 year only so our fees will return to £3 for adults, £2 for juniors in addition to the WCU Fee with new players having their first season free.

Note there is likely to be an increase in WCU fees in future.  



8.         Presentation of trophies for 2018-2019



  1. Division 1

North Cardiff Woodpushers


  1. Division 2

Cardiff Monarchs


  1. Division 3

North Cardiff Titans


  1. Division 4

Pentyrch C


  1. Alec Wood Trophy

Kimberly Chong (Cardiff)


  1. KO Cup 17 - 18





9.         Election of officers for 2019-20:




(a) Chairman                 Anthony Baker                          (b) Vice Chairman         Bill Harle


(c) Secretary                 Vacant                                      (d) Treasurer                 Martin Ricketts                


(e) Ex.Dir                      Phil Jones                                 (f) Rules Director           Kevin Staveley



10.        Election of delegates to WCU.




(a) Management Board              John Thornton               (b) Home Committee     Dai James


(c) Development Committee       Vacant                          (d) Publicity Committee  Dai James


(e) Junior Committee                 TBC John Thornton or Scott Beale


(f)  International Committee        Stuart Hutchings            (g) Ladies’ Committee   Vacant



11.       Election of



(a) KO Cup Secretary    Phil Jones                                 (b) Match Captain(s)      Vacant                             


(c) Rating Officer           Edwin Allen (subsequently resigned)


12.       Election of



(a) Vice President to WCU   Roy Thomas                       (b) Auditor         Dai James



13.       Arrangements for the EG Closed Tournament

This event has not been held for many years



14.       Junior Grant

An amount of up to £300 has been agreed



15.       Honoraria   

The meeting approved the Honoraria of £100 to the Ratings Officer, £125 to the Executive Director and £50 to the Treasurer



16        Proposals to change the rules 

All 4 proposals to amend the rules and constitution were agreed.  In the case of Proposal 1 where there with 4 options, option (iii) was agreed (see Annex 6 below).



17        Any other business



·       Martin Ricketts was appointed as the new Zonal Membership Secretary



·       Dai James asked if he could be added to the matchcard recipients.  This would allow him to

add match reports/results to the EGCA facebook page as this generates interest/comments. 

Agreed. ACTION  a request has been made to Matthew Lunnon to added Dai’s name to the




·       Dai James also agreed to put onto our facebook site a request for nominations foe the vacant

roles of Secretary and Development Committee delegate.



·       Roy Thomas asked for the final date of submission of rule amendments as he is considering

the wording to change our time limits to an incremental system.  The deadline is 1st May with

the proposal to be sent to the Secretary.





The meeting closed at 9.15p.m.



Annex 1

East Glamorgan Chess Association


AUDITED Accounts 1st June 2018 - 31st May 2019












WCU Registration Fees






WCU Insurance




















Junior Chess






Website Domain Name








Executive Director






Ratings Officer























Total Expenditure







Club Registration Fees











Total Income










EGCA Funds

Surplus (Deficit)


















Opening Balance


















Closing Balance









(Note - £5 owed to Pontypridd)



Martin Ricketts Treasurer

Dai James Auditor



Annex 2

Executive Director’s Report 2018/19


We did manage to play all of our games.  Membership proved to be stable with 248 (264 in 2017/18 but with 2 less clubs!) registered players.  Postponements were down but could have been even less if team captains reviewed the fixtures and requested changes before 1st October for such things as birthdays, bonfire night, Halloween, half term etc.  Defaults raised slightly and were spread between all the clubs but most of them occurred nearing the end of the season.   

The main issue for me was the late withdrawal and subsequent entry of new teams.  The result was a smaller division 2 and the fixtures were rewritten 3 times in division 4 ending with a disjointed fixture list.

The standard of completion of the matchcard could have been better.  There were many occasions where names were missing or incorrect, board order was wrong etc.  It would help if the player sending in the result would include his name/contact detail as when I receive the result I don’t know who submitted it!  The comments section could be used to advise details of any new players including whether they are new to welsh chess and a date of birth for new juniors.

KO Cup

At the last AGM it was suggested we return to playing the KO Cup in the Summer.  The suggestion came from a club who did not enter!  I remember Gary Wakeham experienced difficulties in getting teams to play and a minimum entry number was set at 8 teams.  I did not anticipate receiving enough numbers for the competition to go ahead.  I wanted to play the competition immediately after the league season had drawn to a conclusion as I felt players would be more likely to wish to take part as a continuation of the season.

League Stats (last season’s stats in brackets)







27 (27)

4 (3)

3 (2)

0 (2)


17 (20)

6 (2)

5 (4)

2 (1)


24 (22)

5 (4)

0 (1)

1 (0)


63 (54)

16 (8)

1 (2)

3 (3)


0 (9)

0 (1)



N Cardiff

49 (53)

10 (10)

5 (4)

1 (0)


16 (15)

5 (7)

0 (1)

0 (0)


18 (17)

1 (8)

0 (2)

0 (0)


21 (16)

7 (2)

3 (5)

0 (0)


12 (13)

1 (1)

1 (0)

1 (0)

St John’s College

0 (20)

0 (7)

0 (4)

0 (5)



Annex 3


East Glamorgan Chess League : Rating Officer’s (RO) report for season 2018-19 


June 30th 2019 


3986 games rated, slightly up from 3939 in the previous season. This represents 45% of games played by Welsh players. 


Alec Wood Trophy 

This was won by Kim Chong of Cardiff with a 326 point rating increase as at 31st May 2019. Kim is not in Wales to collect her trophy but expects to return to Wales later in 2019. 


She was subsequently narrowly overtaken – see website – by Anshul Swamy, Elliott MacNeil and Mike Hollyman (but all after the cut-off date of 31st May). This means that only 1 of the top 4 at the end of June is a junior which is highly unusual! 


Congratulations to all four on a magnificent season.  


Notification of new players 

Particularly with a new rating officer in place – see below – can I respectfully ask that when a new player plays his/her first game in the league, the captain informs the RO of the player’s status (estimated rating and whether senior/junior). This is rarely done and wastes time and effort. 


Notification of dormant players 

Please could club secretaries advise the RO of players whom they don’t expect to play in the ensuing season. If this could be done during September (and ongoing as players quit), that would be very helpful. 


New developments in the Welsh Rating scene 

·       The WCU has a new National RO, Paul Orton, taking over from Robert Taylor, who nevertheless retains his International Role. 

·       Both West Wales and Gwent ROs are retiring as well, so we are in a state of some flux. 

·       There is a proposal in with the WCU Board to remove batch ratings. This will save the ROs time. 

·       A discussion is also due to take place over which games we rate. It is possible that we may drop foreign leagues and perhaps certain tournaments so not strictly a huge concern for the EGCA. 

·       The big news over the last year has been discussions about replacing our current system with an integrated national rating system. This project has yet to really start in earnest so it’s not going to be implemented anytime soon. Matthew Lunnon of Pentyrch is due to be involved, at least in the early discussions.  


2019-20 EGRO 

Edwin Allen, formerly of the Rhondda club, is taking on the role of EGRO from 1st July 2019. His contact details are :- edwinegca@hotmail.com 


Good luck to Edwin! 


Pete Heaven 


Annex 4


Management Board Rep


There have been ongoing consultations regarding the future of the Rating site with  a view to having 1 All Wales site to be accessed by all the ROs and reducing the need for batch ratings.  We are a long way from being able to do this yet.


Further work was done in the early part of the year relating to the GDPR work started last year.


The legal challenge to the selections for the  Olympiad has lead to quite a lot of work going on to make the selection procedure more robust and open, and to provide a speedy appeal procedure for any player who feel aggrieved by the teams selected.  Currently FIDE’s World Youth Disabled Championships is due to come to Cardiff.  This was pushed through FIDE as if from Wales by someone with no direct links to WCU, and the support of Penarth’s mayor who is a disabled person with contacts in this area.  The venue currently planned is by all accounts totally unsuitable.  The WCU is involved to a point, as if it goes ahead, there is a possibly quite substantial money from FIDE which we may receive, wheras if we say no, we are unlikely to get any funding coming from FIDE in the future.  With no money coming any longer to WCU from the Welsh Assembly, and people chosen to represent Wales still generally paying costs of travelling and often accommodation, the MB is aware of the need to raise money, quite possibly through sponsorship, or through FIDE, to support players and to develop chess further in Wales.


Lastly if people want me to continue in this post. I am happy to do so.


Junior Organiser


As last year Tim Kett has helped me with advice about choosing the various representative sides at county and higher level; and without the work done in the zone by Tim and Sarah, there would be far fewer juniors playing, particularly at primary age.


Again we have almost a clean sweep of Welsh age group champions: I think the U8 Champions Hassan Amar and James Choung are both from Cardiff, and the following champions are all from the EG zone: U9 Govind Anandkumar, U10 Tom Davies, U11 Sridatta Dantu, U12 Ethan Chung, U13 Yuxuan Wu, U14 Hiya Ray, U16 Ethan Chung and Hiya ray.


A lot of these and a number of other players have been chosen to play for Wales in the Glorney/Gilbert/Stokes and Robinson teams in Ireland later this month.


I had hoped to run the Minor League on similar lines to last year, on a somewhat larger basis, but ran into trouble with not being able to get a venue.  In the end it ran on just two weeks in June.  6 teams competed, with around 25 players participating.  North Cardiff were the winners.  Parents seemed quite appreciative.  Th format used seems to work – 3 round Swiss tournaments each night with players, who are restricted to U1100 rating, and those in the same team kept apart; but finding a venue is a big difficulty.  With many players at this level in Cardiff, I would be reluctant to move it from a club or school in the Cardiff area, and for clubs the timing of 6.30-8.00 interferes with their normal club night.


Finally I would very happily stand down if someone else is prepared to take this post next year.  


Annex 5


Report of the East Glamorgan International/Selection delegate 2018-19


1.     Peter Bevan, International Director, was asked to produce a 10-year Development Plan 2018 - 2028, to which I contributed.


2.     East Glamorgan’s (hereafter shortened to EG) Lee Davis played in the 2018 World Senior Individual Championship 50+ in Bled, Slovakia in November.


3.     Cardiff have qualified for the 2019 European Club Cup in Budva, Montenegro in November.



4.     Players from EG in the 2018 Olympiad in Batumi, Georgia in September were Alex Bullen, making his debut in the Open team, and Olivia Smith, Shayanna and Venetia Sivarajasingam who again all played in the Ladies team.


5.     Unfortunately, the Women’s selection led to a legal challenge which went as far as the Court of Arbitration in Sport and occupied a substantial amount of WCU officers’ time before proceedings were withdrawn.


6.     The Selection Committee has also been involved in a number of other tasks, to which I have contributed:

(a)   Revision of the rules by which players representing Wales must have ‘actively associated’ themselves with Welsh chess.

(b)   Provision of a limited right for individuals to have selection committee decisions reviewed by another WCU body – as suggested by FIDE in light of point 5 above.

(c)    Consideration of various suggestions for changes to the Committee’s current approach of using its collective judgement to select the strongest team.

The fruits of this work are currently with the Management Board.


7.     In the 2019 World Senior Team Championships in Rhodes in April, EG players were John Fletcher in the over 50s team, and John Thornton and Bill Harle in the over 65s.



I am prepared to continue in the post for another year if that is the wish of the meeting.


Stuart Hutchings

June 2019