The pre AGM committee meeting of the Association took place at The Twyn, Caerphilly, home of Caerphilly Chess Club on Monday 10th June 2019 2017, starting at 7:30pm

Present: - Bill Harle, Chris Hooper, Phil Jones, Matthew Lunnon, Martin Ricketts, Kevin Staveley, John Thornton, Anthony Williams.


Before the meeting started the attendees were advised of the passing of Tony Gutteridge.

1. Apologies for absence.

Anthony Baker, Pete Heaven, Bill Harle, Dai James, Peter Slater

2. Minutes of last meeting.

Were accepted as a true copy

3. Matters arising.


4. Preliminary report from the treasurer.

The accounts have been audited by Dai James and show a substantial balance.  Our funds have reduced by £464.50 due to not charging the EGCA subscription for £3 per adult and £2 per junior for 2018-19.

There was some discussion as to whether or not the EGCA subscription should be waived this year.  However we are aware that the WCU will be increasing their subscription fee next season it was felt appropriate to charge the full amount next season until we know the full extent of the WCU increase.  

Membership remains stable with 247 members (down from 264 the previous season with 2 clubs having withdrawn)

5. Preliminary report by the Ex.D.

There were 2 issues this season – late team entries/withdrawals and poor matchcard completion.

Nelson and St John’s College withdrew after the fixture list had been prepared.  This left only 8 teams in division 2 and a disjointed division 4 fixture list with teams joining late in the summer.

There were numerous errors on the submitted matchcard.  The Ratings Officer, Pete Heaven, dealt with most of them personally but more care is needed.  Better use could be made of the notes section.

Also the increase in defaults towards the end of the season was noted.

A more detailed report including statistics will be presented at the AGM.

6. Preliminary report from the secretary.

N/A as the Zonal Secretary was not present

7. Proposed changes to the EG Rules of Play

Proposal 3 – (This is the final version after discussion at the meeting)

Replace the existing 2 minute rule and current appendix 1 with:

Fide Guideline III regarding the 2 minute rule

III.6.1 A player may claim a draw when he has less than two minutes left on his clock and before his flag falls.  This concludes the game.  He may claim on the basis:

III.6.1.1 that his opponent cannot win by normal means, and/or

III.6.1.2that his opponent has been making no effort to win by normal means.

            In III.6.1.1 the player must write down the final position and his opponent must verify it.

            In III.6.1.2 the player must write down the final position and submit an up-to-date scoresheet.  The opponent shall verify both the scoresheet and the final position.

III.6.2 The claim shall be submitted to the Ex.Dir.

The claim must include all the required documentation within 3 days of the match being played.  Any claim not properly submitted will be dismissed with no appeal allowed.

If there is a valid, properly documented claim, the Ex.Dir will submit the claim to a Welsh Arbiter who will judge the claim with a view to awarding a draw.  The Arbiter’s decision is final and can not be appealed.

Proposed by Phil Jones, seconded by Martin Ricketts

Proposal 4

Rule 8 – Team ordering – new

(f) In the event of a default being known about before the match commences the opponents can reposition a player from a higher board to claim the default win.  Penalties for board order strength will not apply to this player

Proposed by Jeff Rowland, seconded by Bill Hunt

Both of these proposals were agreed and carried forward to the AGM

8. Proposed changes to the EG Constitution.

Proposal 1 – Constitutional change

13 (a) At an Annual or Special General Meeting of the Association, any members who are there shall form a quorum.

Replace current 13 (a) above with one of the following:

(a) (i)             Three members shall form a quorum at an AGM

     (ii)            Five members shall form a quorum at an AGM

     (iii)           Eight members shall form a quorum at an AGM


(b)           No quorum is required at an AGM

Proposed by John Thornton, seconded by Martin Jones

Proposal 2 – Constitutional change

A new role to be added to the constitution of Zone Membership Secretary ( this in line with WCU website request)

Proposed by Phil Jones, seconded by Martin Ricketts

Both of these proposals were accepted and carried forward to the AGM

9. A.O.B.

There was considerable discussion surrounding time limits for matches in relation to changing to an incremental increase rather than 2 separate time controls.

There was some concern regarding the implementation and what the incremental time should be.  If there is insufficient time on the night what options would there be to complete the game?

As a first step it was proposed to canvas the clubs to investigate whether an earlier start to matches is possible. 

Action Phil Jones  

Please note that clubs may send more than one member to a committee meeting, but only EG officials and one member from each club are entitled to take part in any vote.