East Glamorgan Chess Association

Rules for the Minor League

1. Preamble

(i) All games shall be played in accordance with the official code of the Laws of Chess as compiled by FIDE.

(ii) In the event of a contradiction between the FIDE rules and the League rules, League Rules shall apply.

(iii) Fixtures, as sent out by the Minor League Director (MLD), shall be arranged during the first two terms of the school year.

(iv) The MLD shall decide on any matters regarding infringement of the rules, taking into account any exceptional circumstances reported.

2. League Structure

(i) (a) Each match shall be played over 4 boards, with the away side taking White on the odd-numbered boards.

(b) Only players who are less than 15 years old on 1st September at the beginning of the season shall be eliglble to participate in the Minor League (ML).

(ii) Positions in the ML shall be decided first on match points (3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss), then on game points and then on games points between the teams involved.

(iii) (a) The MLD shall decide on how many teams there are in each division.

(b) Promotion and relegation shall be on the basis of two up and two down.

3. Results Notification

Results must be notified to the MLD, EG Grading Officer and EG website by e-mail within 7 days of the match. The results cards, which must be signed by both captains, should be kept until the AGM for verification purposes.

4. Rearranging Matches

(i) Clubs may rearrange any matches and notify the MLD provided that:

(a) No match can be arranged later than the end of the Spring Term;

(b) The rearranged date must be no later than 10 weeks after the original date, unless the arrangement is simply an exchange of home and away matches involving those teams.

(ii) Teams wishing to rearrange must give the opposing team at least a week’s notice. Once a new date has been agreed, the MLD shall be notified of it.

(iii) A club wishing to rearrange a match without giving a week’s notice can only do so with the agreement of their opponents. (It is hoped that clubs will be sympathetic to circumstances to try and ensure that all matches are played.)

(iv) If a team defaults or a match is not played because of failure to give the week’s notice required in (iii) then the match will be scored 4-0 on game points to the non-offending team and the offending team will receive no match points.

5. Rate of Play

(i) All matches shall start at 6.30pm unless a different starting time is agreed

(ii) All games shall be played to a finish on the night, with each player having 60 minutes to play all his or her moves.

6. Team and Game Restrictions

(i) Club Restrictions

Players shall not play for more than one club in the ML in the same season, except where a player changes his school or club during the season, in which case he may represent his new school or club.

(ii) Nominations

(a) Clubs which enter more than one team in the ML shall nominate one player from each team. Nominated players will not be allowed to play for any team other than the team for which they have been nominated. Lists of nominated players shall be sent to the MLD before the beginning of the season.

(b) Nominated players shall be required to play in at least ⅓ of the games playable each season by the team for which they have been nominated.

(iii)Team Ordering

Team captains will arrange players in grade order of playing strength. A tolerance of 100 points will be allowed for all players, based on the EG published rating list current at the time.

7. Default of Games

(i) There is a half hour default time in all matches, after which the game will be awarded to the player present. Until half an hour has elapsed, a captain may use a replacement player.

(ii) Unless a team defaulting on any board has given the opposing team at least 24 hours notice of the default by telephone, it shall suffer a penalty of one match point for each such default.

(iii) The name(s) of the player(s) whose opponent(s) so defaults shall appear on the match card but the player so named shall not be required to attend the match.