East Glamorgan Chess Association
Constitution for the Minor League


The Minor League will be referred to throughout by the initials ML and the Minor League Director by the initials MLD.




The East Glamorgan Chess Association will be referred to the initials EGCA.




References to ‘clubs’ in constitution should be construed as references to ‘clubs and/or schools’.




References to the ‘committee’ should be construed as references to the committee of the Minor League.




The ML is a league competition for children and young people who play chess in East Glamorgan.




The object of the ML shall be to encourage and promote chess amongst children and young people in East Glamorgan.




A person shall be eligible to play in the ML only if he or she registers with EGCA or is an honorary life member.




The Executive Committee of the ML shall consist of the Minor League Director (MLD), a representative of each of the clubs and schools participating in the ML and a parent representative selected by the MLD.  The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt.  




Each member of the committee shall have one vote only.  Members of the committee may not vote in disputes involving their own club.




At least seven days notice in writing must be given to members of the committee of the business to be transacted at a committee meeting.




The MLD may call a committee meeting or Special General Meeting of the ML at any time and shall be bound to do so if so requested in writing by at least two signatories who are members of the committee.  Such a meeting shall be held within three weeks of the request, and shall only consider the motion requested.




The ML shall hold an AGM during May or June each year at such time and place as shall be fixed by the committee.




All the players in the ML and their parents shall be entitled to attend at General Meetings but their attendance as players or parents shall not give them a right to vote at the AGM. The members of the committee shall also be entitled to attend General Meetings and shall be eligible to vote, provided that no one shall have more than one vote.   The Chairman of the meeting shall only have a casting vote.




At least three weeks before the date of each Annual or Special General Meeting, the MLD shall send to all those entitled to vote at such meetings a notice specifying the time fixed for such meeting, and the business to be transacted there.




At an Annual or Special General Meeting of the ML any four people who are there and entitled to vote shall form a quorum.




Three members shall form a quorum at a committee meeting.




The business of the AGM shall include the following:




The election of the MLD.




Consideration of any proposed changes to the Rules of Play for the ML which may only be changed at an AGM by a simple majority.




Consideration of any proposed changes to these rules which may only be altered, abrogated, or added to by a two- thirds majority at an AGM.




The MLD shall arrange an annual league competition, which shall be run by the MLD and such other competitions and functions as the committee may decide.




 It shall be the duty of each member to notify the MLD in good time how many teams his club will be entering in the league.




Clubs and schools may apply to the MLD to become members by sending him or her relevant information. Newcomers  entering the ML shall join the lowest division.




The ML committee shall have the right to expel or suspend or refuse admission of any member or club whose actions in their opinion justify it. Such a decision and the reasons for it shall be conveyed in writing by the MLD to the member club concerned.




Any member or club thus expelled or suspended shall have a right to appeal to an Appeals Committee of the EGCA. whose function it will be to consider and determine such appeals in a  fair and impartial manner, and whose decision so far as the ML is concerned will be final.  The Zonal Vice President, who shall take no other part in the appeal process within the zone, shall select an Appeals Committee comprising three impartial members of the EGCA.




The procedure for appealing shall be by giving written notice to the MLD within 14 days of the notification of the ML committee’s decision. The appellant shall have a right to include in the notice of appeal, a request for a personal hearing ( in the case  of a club, by its secretary or other nominated person) which, when exercised, shall be allowed by the Appeals Committee and the appellant given not less than 14 days notice of the Appeals Committee meeting at which the appeal shall be considered.




The MLD shall:




Provide members of the Appeals Committee with copies of his original letter;




Attend the Appeal Committee only to take minutes and give advice if required on any interpretation regarding the Rules;




Communicate the Appeal Committee’s decision in writing to the MLD Committee and the appellant.