Rules for the KO Cup


Normal league rules apply however the following details are specific to the KO Cup only.


There will be a minimum of 8 teams entered into this Rated competition for it to proceed.  Each club registered to play in the EGCA league will be allowed to enter as many teams as they require into the KO Cup. 


There will not be an entry fee.


Teams & Matches:

Each match will be played over 4 boards.


The colours will be decided by the toss of a coin.  The winner of the toss will have white on boards 1 and 3.


Results must be confirmed preferably using the electronic matchcard on the EGCA website within 48 hours.


Fixtures and Rearrangements

Fixtures will be prepared as soon as practicable. Postponements are not allowed.  Games can be brought forward or changed to another night in the same week if both captains agree and the ExDir is advised.


Rate of Play:   

All moves in 75 minutes.  The match must finish on the night. 


In the event of a 2-2 tie between the teams the match will be decided by the Bottom Board Elimination method unless a team has defaulted a board, in which case the team with the highest defaulted board will lose.


If all four boards are drawn then the games will be immediately replayed reversing the colours with 5 minutes to complete all moves.  In the event of a 2-2 tie then Bottom Board Elimination method will be used to decide the winning team.


If after the quickplay the tie remains deadlocked then the winning team will be the team that lost the toss for board colour (i.e. the team with black on board 1 at the start of the match)



Where clubs have more than one team playing, a player is only permitted to play for one team within the duration of the competition.


Captains should arrange their teams in order of player strength using the current grading list.  A tolerance of 100 points will be permitted.