The 65th AGM of the Association was held on 2 July 2019 at Ystradfechan Bowls Club, Taff Terrace Treorchy, CF42 6UG, home of the Rhondda Chess Club, starting at 7:30 p.m. 


Present: Bill Harle (Vice Chairman), Phil Jones (Executive Director), Martin Ricketts (Treasurer), Kevin Staveley (Rules Director), Anthony Williams, Dave Robinson (Bridgend), Martin Jones, John Thornton (Caerphilly), Chris Hooper (Cardiff), Simon Blackmore, Rob Dineen, Liam Penney (North Cardiff), Mike McGuire (Pentyrch), Dai James, Roy Thomas (Pontypridd), Edwin Allen, Gareth Harding, Andrew Moore (Rhondda).



1.         There were apologies from Anthony Baker, Pete Heaven, Stuart Hutchings and Peter Slater.


2.         The minutes of the 2018 AGM were approved


3.         Matters arising. There were no matters arising


4.         Correspondence. In the absence of the Zone Secretary none were reported


5.         Presentation of reports of


(a)   Secretary (Peter Slater)


No report presented.


            (b) Treasurer


The accounts were presented by Martin Ricketts (see Annex 1 below)

The acting chairman thanked Martin for his report


             (c) Executive Director


The Executive Directors report was presented by Phil Jones (see Annex 2 below)

The acting chairman thanked Phil for his report


              (d) Match Captain (Peter Slater)


No report presented


              (e) Rating Officer


The Rating Officers report was submitted by Pete Heaven (see Annex 3 below)                                                 


6.         Reports of delegates to WCU


            (a) Management Board


The Management Board Officer’s report was presented by John Thornton (see Annex 4 below)     

The acting chairman thanked John for his report



(b)   Home Committee   


Dai James reported that no formal meetings had been held.  There had been informal discussions around the format/venues for the Welsh Premier League.

The acting chairman thanked Dai for his report


(c)    Development Committee      


No report presented 


(d) Publicity Committee       


Dai James reported that no meetings had taken place as he was the only Publicity Office in the WCU

The acting chairman thanked Dai for his support       


(e) International Committee       


Stuart Hutchings was not present but a written report was presented (see Annex 5 below)


(f) Junior Committee.


The Junior Committee Officer’s report was presented by John Thornton (see Annex 4 below)


The acting chairman thanked John for his report


            (g) Ladies’ Committee


No report presented


7.         Review of membership fees


There was no formal proposal to amend our agreed subscriptions.  The moratorium on fees was only

agreed for 1 year so our fees will return to £3 for adults, £2 for juniors in addition to the WCU Fee with

new players having their first season free.

Note there is likely to be an increase in WCU fees in future.  


8.         Presentation of trophies for 2018-2019

Division 1                      North Cardiff Woodpushers

Division 2                      Cardiff Monarchs

Division 3                      North Cardiff Titans

Division 4                      Pentyrch C

Alec Wood Trophy         Kimberly Chong (Cardiff)

KO Cup 17-18               Cardiiff


9.         Election of officers for 2019-20:

(a) Chairman                 Anthony Baker                          (b) Vice Chairman            Bill Harle

(c) Secretary                 Vacant                                      (d) Treasurer                 Martin Ricketts     (e) Ex.Dir                   Phil Jones                                 (f) Rules Director           Kevin Staveley


10.        Election of delegates to WCU.

(a) Management Board              John Thornton               (b) Home Committee        Dai James

(c) Development Committee       Vacant                          (d) Publicity Committee        Dai James

(e) Junior Committee                 TBC John Thornton or Scott Beale

(f)  International Committee        Stuart Hutchings            (g) Ladies’ Committee        Vacant


11.        Election of

(a) KO Cup Secretary    Phil Jones                                 (b) Match Captain(s)         Vacant                             

(c) Rating Officer           Edwin Allen


13.       Election of

(a) Vice President to WCU   Roy Thomas                       (b) Auditor         Dai James


15.       The EG Closed Tournament has not been held for many years.


16.       Junior Grant agreed up to £300.


17.        The meeting approved the Honoraria of £100 to the Ratings Officer, £125 to the Executive Director and £50 to the Treasurer.


18        All 4 proposals to amend the rules and constitution were agreed.  In the case of Proposal 1 where there with 4 options, option (iii) was agreed (see Annex 6below).


19        Any other business

(a)        Martin Ricketts was appointed as the new Zonal Membership Secretary

(b)        Dai James asked if he could be added to the matchcard recipients.  This would allow him to

     add match reports/results to the EGCA facebook page as this generates interest/comments. 

     Agreed. ACTION  a request has been made to Matthew Lunnon to added Dai’s name to the


(c)        Dai James also agreed to put onto our facebook site a request for nominations foe the vacant

    roles of Secretary and Development Committee delegate.

(d)       Roy Thomas asked for the final date of submission of rule amendments as he is considering

    the wording to change our time limits to an incremental system.  The deadline is 1st May with

    the proposal to be sent to the Secretary.


The meeting closed at 9.15p.m.