The 63rd AGM of the Association will be held on 12th June at Penarth Conservative Club,        home of the Penarth Chess Club, starting at 7.30p.m.

Present: Anthony Baker (chair), Phil Jones (Ex.D.) Martin Ricketts (treasurer);

other officers: Bill Harle, Peter Heaven, John Thornton, Dai James,

club members: Peter Watkins (Barry); David Lewis, Edwin Allen (Rhondda); Jui Lutchman Singh, James Thomas (Penarth); Martin Jones, Beryl Hughes (Caerphilly); Bill Hunt, Hugh Price, Chris Fox (Cardiff); Matthew Lunnon (Pentyrch); Paul Bridges, John Cox, Brenda Miles (Nelson); Ryan Emmett (Pontypridd).



1.  Apologies for absence.   There were apologies for absence from Peter Slater, Sam Warburton,

    Ken Hannah, Audrey Yong, Anthony Williams, Viv Martin.


2.  Minutes of last meeting.  The minutes of the previous AGM had been e-mailed widely and were taken as read and accepted as a true record of that meeting.


3.  Matters arising.  It was pointed out the WCU safeguarding policy which we were wishing to use was not available (as had been suggested) on the WCU website.  Bill Harle said he would request that this was done.


4.  Correspondence  Peter Slater had resigned mid-year as secretary on ill-health grounds, and there was no correspondence that was known about.


5.  Presentation of reports of:-


a)    Secretary.  As above, the Association did not have a secretary, and there was no report. Peter Slater had let us know that thankfully he had recovered from the very serious eye-problem he had earlier in the year and he was prepared to stand again for election.


b)   Treasurer (Martin Ricketts).   The accounts had been audited.  Membership had fallen, particularly that of juniors, and this had meant a decrease in our income, but he was confident that all players had been registered and paid for and the necessary fees paid to WCU. Approximately £300 of the money collected during the year had been retained in the account.  The money is in a current account.  Asked about trying to put money into an interest bearing account, he replied that interest rates for clubs etc are currently so low it did not justify setting up another account.  The meeting was asked for an opinion and unanimously accepted that we stick with just the current account for now.


c)    Executive Director (Phil Jones). PJ commented that communication within the league was poor at times and lead to some unnecessary problems.  There were fewer defaults this year than last.  There was a problem towards the end of the season with the match card system. PJ had set up a temporary system, but he would like to get back to something similar to what had been in place.  It was suggested Robert Taylor who was trying to do something similar in Gwent might be able to help.                            


d)  Match Captain   No matches had been played during the year.


e)  Rating Officer (Pete Heaven)  No particular problems through the year.  The main concern was the Alec Wood trophy winner.  After discussion it was agreed that players should not be allowed to start from an estimated rating, but that players whose ratings had been raised during the year should have this raise counted into the Alec Wood calculations. As a result of discussion, Callum Smith was to be awarded the trophy, which needed to be collected from St Johns.


6. Reports of delegates to WCU


Management board (John Thornton)  At the last but one WCU AGM, Andrew Trickey had been appointed webmaster.  He had set up a new site, but there appeared to be problems keeping this regularly updated.  Peter Bevan had been given the post back and had set up another site, which was providing information much better.   Secondary schools chess was not in a good state of health.  Efforts were being made to set up internet matches between schools, but to date this had not been achieved.  Matthew Lunnon suggested use of current chess servers and offered to discuss this later with JDT.   The Welsh Assembly were withdrawing funding over a period of 3 years the current annual £5000 being reduced to £3000 next year, £2000 the following year and nothing subsequently.  This was likely to impact on the amount asked us by the WCU.  There was no change in fees at the WCU AGM in February.

(b)  Home Committee (Dai James)  There had been 2 meetings during the year.  They had looked at different tournament formats with a view to halting the decline in numbers at weekend tournaments.   County matches had now gone; again there had been discussion at different ways to replace these.

(c)  Development Committee.  Kam Chooyin was not present to give a report.

(d)  Publicity Committee.  We had not had a publicity Officer for 3 years

(e)  International Committee (Stuart Hutchings)  Stuart was not present and sent a late apology – he had been unaware of the meeting, possibly because of a change of e-mail address.

(f) Junior Committee  Kam Chooyin was not present to report.

(g) Ladies Committee Audrey Yong was not present, but had asked that the Sivarajasingam sisters, Shayanna and Venetia be mentioned for their success at the Olympiad where both had  gained the WCM title.         


7. Review of membership fees  In the light of a healthy bank balance and a usual annual increase in this balance, the meeting considered suggestions looking at the situation. The treasurer suggested a year with no payment.  Other suggestions were contributing to prizes at weekend tournaments or subsidising EG members entry fees when they entered these tournaments.  Possibly with a likely future increase in WCU fees which our funds may help to soften initially, the meeting voted to retain fees as they are.  The committee should look at possible ways of reducing the sizeable balance with a view to making recommendations next year.


8. Presentation of trophies for 2016-17.


a)   Divisional trophies (Cardiff Castles, Bridgend A, Pontypridd Phoenix, Pontypridd Thirds)

b)   KO Cup (Pontypridd)


c)    Alec Wood Trophy for the greatest increase in grade (June 2016-17) To be presented to Callum Smith


9. Election of officers for 2017-18


a)   Chairman                        Anthony Baker   


b)   Vice Chairman                 Bill Harle


c)    Secretary                        Peter Slater


d)   Treasurer                        Martin Ricketts


e)   Executive Director            Phil Jones                            


f)    KO Cup Secretary             Phil Jones (Before electing a KO Cup Secretary there was discussion about its format.  The meeting voted that it should take place after the season had ended and with all matches in any round taking place at the same venue). 


g)   Match Captain(s)              Peter Slater


h)   Rules Director                  Kevin Staveley


i)     Ratings Officer                 Pete Heaven


j)     Auditor                            Dai James


10. Election of delegates to WCU


a)   Management Board                   John Thornton


b)   Home Committee                      Dai James


c)    Development Committee            Kam Choo Yin to be asked to continue


d)    Ladies Committee                     Audrey Yong 


e)    Publicity Committee (this person will be our publicity officer) Vacant


f)     Junior committee                      John Thornton                        


g)    International Committee (this person is automatically by our rules the representative to the Selection Committee)                Stuart Hutchings                                               


 h)    Vice President to the WCU   Beryl Hughes


11. Arrangement for EG Closed Tournament  There was support for this event.  Kevin Staveley to be asked to run this, and it was suggested it be run as a two day event.


12. To consider and approve the Association’s Junior Grant  What had been asked for this year was well under the amount agreed at the last AGM.  The meeting approved the grant be continued with a maximum of £300

13. To approve Honoraria  The meeting agreed to give £100 to the rating officer and £125 to the Executive Director.


14. Proposals to change the rules

A   Two related motions relating to registrations were approved the first to read as follows

In Appendix 3

Player Club Registration A player shall play only for the club with which he is registered, and may only be registered with one club at any one time.

To register a player clubs must notify both the Treasurer and the Ex.D. of: -

i  the players name

ii  For juniors the players date of birth.  A junior is someone under the age of 18 on 1st September when the league season starts.

iii  clarify whether this player has played chess in Wales during the past 5 years

iv enclose the correct fee.

v  WCU id if known

All clubs must make their first bulk registration of players by 31st October. 

Any players not included in this list will be subject to a registration period of 28 days from the date of their first match.  Any late payment for these players will be subject to both a late registration surcharge of £1 and in accordance with Appendix 2, point 4(d) will be considered as ineligible players until their registration has been completed.

B  The second proposal to remove a clause relating to the registration period was approved as this clause was now included in the motion passed above.

C  The following proposal was approved by 12 votes to 6

(a) scrap all nomination rules and replace these with (b) and (c) below

(b) In any club with 3 or more teams, each player rated 1900 or over at the start of the season can play in only 2 of those teams.

(c) Any player rated 1900 or over at the start of the season that has played 24 games in a season may only play for one of his 2 teams for the remainder of the season.


D  The following amendment to Rule 5(b) was agreed with no votes against:

Rule 5 (b) to now read:

Where two or more teams from the same club play in the same division, the club's two highest ranking teams shall meet within the first three rounds of the season and the reverse fixtures shall be played within the first three rounds of the second half of the season.


E  A proposal to change Rule 8 © was approved wirth 4 against, the rule to read

Players with a rating under 1400 may play an unlimited number of games for their club in the league.  For other players, the maximum number of games that a player can play in the league shall be 30 games.  In exceptional circumstances the Ex.D. May allow more games to be played.

F  The proposal to change 4 games to 3 games in rule 8(c) was substantially defeated

All other proposals to the meeting were withdrawn at this stage.

15.  A.O.B.   No matters were raised so the chairman thanked people for attending and declared the meeting closed.