Fixtures 19/20

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in the postponement of all fixtures after Thursday 12th March.  This meant there were 9 weeks of matches outstanding.  After a number of discussions a full committee meeting was called by email to vote on how the season should end.  All elected members of the Association and the secretaries of each associated club were asked whether the season  should finish using a points per game system to allow the season to be finished within the timescale indicated in the Playing Rules. 

This proposal was accepted with 18 out of 19 votes in favour.  There were no votes against the proposal.  It was therefore passed and the league tables have been updated accordingly.
AGM 19/20
Executive Committee Statement 6/6/20

We are living in exceptional times, not seen during any of our lifetimes and we may not be able to play chess for some considerable time.  When we can safely resume competition, we do not know how many players will want to, or will be able to return, nor how many teams clubs will be able to run. 

Given the restrictions placed on us all as a result of the current health crisis, it is clearly not possible to hold our AGM face to face in the usual way and so the Executive had been preparing to hold the AGM by email.  This was not an ideal solution but would have been a way to bring the 2019-2020 season to a conclusion. 

The Executive has been appointed to make difficult decisions when required and having discussed the AGM arrangements at length, we have concluded the AGM should be postponed until such a time as it is possible to hold the meeting safely and at a place all interested members are able to attend.   

We have taken this decision as two proposals have been received, which are compelling and of such fundamental importance to all clubs and members, that a thorough face to face discussion is warranted.  Such is the level of interest in these proposals that holding the AGM by email is not a viable option and holding on online meeting using e.g. Zoom, is proving not to be practical due to the technical abilities of some of our members. 

The Executive will continue to monitor the advice given by the Welsh government and when able, we will announce the arrangements for the AGM, which should take place before the new season commences.  We will endeavour to hold the AGM in a place with good wi-fi available, to allow those still unable to attend through continued shielding and social distancing to connect and participate. 

Given the current situation, it is likely the 2020-21 season will be delayed and the AGM will be held before any arrangements are made to begin the new season, giving the opportunity for clubs to discuss format, number of teams, etc. 

In the meantime, the accounts for the year ending 31st May 2020 have been audited and approved by Dai James, our appointed auditor.   Copies of the accounts and the AGM agenda will be posted on the website for all to view.