The 66th AGM of the Association date and venue to be confirmed



Apologies for absence.


Stuart Hutchings


Minutes of the 2019 AGM




Matters arising.








Reports of Officers

(a) Secretary                      

(b) Treasurer                 

(c) Executive Director                   

(d) Match Captains                    

(e) Rating Officer 

Position Vacant

See Annex 1

See Annex 2

Position vacant

No report received


Reports of delegates to WCU

(a) Management Board     

(b) Home Committee       

(c) Development Committee

(d) Publicity Committee              

(e) International Committee

(f) Junior Committee.

(g) Ladies’ Committee

See Annex 3

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See Annex 4

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Review of membership fees


See annex 1 & 6


Presentation of trophies for 2019-2020

Nb Trophies cannot be presented due to Covid-19

Divisional trophies

Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Division 4

(b) Alec Wood Trophy for the greatest increase in rating (July 2019 – June 2020)


North Cardiff Woodpushers

Pontypridd Barbarians

Pentyrch Amateurs

Nelson Phoenixes

Alex Lawrence (Pontypridd)


Election of officers for      2020-21

(a)     Chairman                   

(b)     Vice Chairman          

(c)     Secretary                        

(d)     Treasurer     

(a)     Zone Membership Secretary

(e)     Executive Director     

(b)     (f) Rules Director



Election of delegates to WCU.

(a) Management Board    

(b) Home Committee

(c) Development Committee

(d) Publicity Committee    (this person will be our publicity officer)

(e) Junior Committee (this person is our junior organizer)

(f)  International Committee (this person is our rep. to the Selection Committee).

(g) Ladies’ Committee



Election of

(a)     KO Cup Secretary

(b)     Match Captain(s) 

(c)     Rating Officer

(d)     Auditor



To consider and approve the Association’s Junior Grant.


Currently up to £300


To approve Honoraria.


Currently Ex.Dir £125, Treasurer £50


Proposals to change the Rules


See annex 6


Any other business




East Glamorgan Chess Association

Audited Accounts 1/6/19 – 31/5/20











WCU Registration Fees






WCU Insurance




















Junior Chess






Room Hire








Executive Director






Ratings Officer






















Total Expenditure








Club Registration Fees











Total Income





EGCA Funds



Surplus (Deficit)






Opening Balance







Closing Balance















Martin Ricketts - Treasurer 31/5/20

Dai James – Auditor 31/5/20



Annex 1

I am pleased to provide you with a copy of the EGCA accounts for the year ending 31st May 2020

The accounts have been audited and approved by Dai James EGCA Auditor.

After the 'free' 2018-19 season, when EGCA subs were waived, the subscriptions returned to normal levels for the 2019-20 season.   

This is reflected in combined WCU and EGCA registration fees of £3,505.  Of this £2,887 was paid across to the WCU. 

Expenditure on Trophies, Engraving and Junior chess, along with the EGCA official's honorariums, absorbed most of the EGCA share of the income, leaving a surplus of income for the season of £51.

Going forward there will be a £100 saving to the EGCA in the Grading Officer honorarium, as I understand this payment will in future be met by the WCU.

We are in difficult times and .at this stage we do not know when, or in what form, chess will resume.

With £5,643 in the bank and with no real need to maintain funds at these levels, I have proposed separately that the EGCA fee is waived for the coming year.  This I have done in the absence of any information from the WCU regarding the level of their fees for next year

Should anyone have any questions I will be pleased to answer them

Martin Ricketts

EGCA Treasurer

Annex 2

 Normally my report would say that all games have been completed and include a table of league statistics.  This season of course has been different.

The pandemic caused a curtailment of the league with the last matches played on Thursday 12th March.  At that time there were a further 10 weeks left to play.  There were for the first time in my 8-year tenure a number of Executive Committee Meetings culminating in a Full Committee Meeting where there was a proposal to finish the season on a points per game basis.  This proposal was unanimously accepted.

There were a number of significant matters this season as follows: -

  1. It was good to see the return of Nelson Chess Club

  2. Membership remains stable.  Had we been able to finish the season in the normal format it is possible that a small increase in membership would have been seen

  3. There were 41 defaults down from 55 last season.  Rhondda Chess Club recorded no defaults

  4. Of those defaults there were 6 defaults incurring a penalty as they were on boards 1 and 2

  5. Only 8 matches were postponed after 1st October down from 18 last season 

  6. The KO Cup to be held in the summer has been cancelled

  7.  A disaster recovery report has been prepared for use if the Ex.Dir is unable to continue

Phil Jones

Executive Director

 Annex 3

 The main Points from the Management Board Meetings are as follows

 Selection Policy – Appeals Process

This has been drawn up and approved, and should be available on the website

 Selection Policy

I think in part to avoid the selection problems caused by the last Olympiad, Mark Adams has put forward a policy whereby most of the selection is done automatically based on a spreadsheet which is based on a weighted average.  In this, the weightings ‘reduce’ players’ ratings if they don’t attend the events specified in the spreadsheet.  I feel strongly that selectors need to decide initially who they consider eligible for selection, taking tournament activity into account, and then select what they consider is the strongest team from those eligible.  This is what I believe the current selection committee feels and there will probably be a need to find a ‘new set of selectors’ if (or more likely when) Marks proposal gets approved.  Should this happen, their main job will it seems be to set the events to be included in the weighted average and to set the weightings and to select one ‘wildcard’ player. 

I have the impression that there are some other MB members who agree with me, but are unable to readily comment at meetings as they do not understand enough how weighted means work to be able to criticise Mark’s proposal!  I feel my own contribution is just delaying the inevitable.

Memorial for Captain WD Evans (of Evans Gambit fame)

This was supported by a donation from WCU

FIDE Funding

We are investigating obtaining funding from FIDE – they will require us to step through hoops to do so.

World Disabled Cadet Championship

Unwittingly we were involved in this possibly coming to Cardiff.  We have managed to pull out of this happening and are looking to see if we can help get back money incurred by a former mayor of Penarth who was inveigled into supporting this initially.

South Wales International and other ‘South Wales’ weekend tournaments

Now taken over under the WCU banner which makes insurance of these events easier.


The WCU system has been revamped.

Possible collaberation with ECF has been discussed at a high level but these discussions have now fallen down and we are currently just developing our own system.

In a change, Rating Officers now report directly to the WCU National RO and subject to WCU AGM approval will have any honorarium paid by the WCU 

Development in Schools

The intention has been to try and take advantage of a new ‘Changes to curriculum 2022’ to get chess developed in schools.


There has been an increase in our payments, but we have benefited considerably from legal costs being paid supporting the WCU against a disputed selection for the last Olympiad

Junior Best Game Prize

I have been instrumental in setting rules have been approved for this – money was gifted for this a while back.

Child Protection Policy

The policy currently in place was reviewed and accepted without change.

 Anti Cheating Policy

A policy to be approved at future meetings – in the meantime 2 suitable scanners were being purchased for immediate use.

 50th Anniversary

Plans were being put in place for a Wales-Ireland match – probably in Fishguard – but I suspect the current situation means these will have been shelved

I am standing down from this post.  There has been a strong suggestion that meetings for the time being will be done digitally.  If this is the case I would not willingly want to take part, and in any case feel I have been around for too long and do not have an enthusiasm for what the board is having to address now - it is time someone younger took over the post.  I wish my successor all the best.

John Thornton

Management Board Delegate

Annex 4

 Report of the East Glamorgan International/Selection delegate 2019-2020


1.       I was involved in the annual review, and contributed to, the International Director Peter Bevan’s 10-year Development Plan 2018 – 2028.

 2.       The 1st Welsh Masters took place in August 2019, an all play all event the intention of which was to try and increase the number of Welsh FIDE Master (FM) and Candidate Master (CM) titles.  4 Welsh players and 6 from other nations took part, with 3 of the 4 being from East Glamorgan (EG), namely Dai James, Tim Kett and Greg Toczek.

 3.       The European Seniors Team Championship took place in Mali Losinj, Croatia in September 2019, but Wales did not send a team.

 4.       In November 2019 EG’s Lee Davis played in the World Senior Individual Championship 50+ in Bucharest, Romania, and this included a draw with GM Dvoirys of Russia.

 5.       Cardiff qualified for the 2019 European Club Cup in November in Ulcinj, Montenegro, but did not take up their place.


6.       The Selection Committee (SC) reviewed and commented upon the Management Board document “Selection Policy Proposal: Defining Selection Committee Roles and Responsibilities: Appeals Procedure”.

This document followed on from extensive work previously carried out by the SC on 3 papers, as mentioned in last year’s report.

 7.       The World Seniors Team Championship took place in Prague, Czechoslovakia in March 2020. Wales had 2 teams in each of the Over 50s and the over 65s, EG representatives in the former being Mark Cooke, Lee Davis, John Fletcher, Peter Quinn and Charles Summers, and in the latter, Bill Harle.  Unfortunately, because of the onset of Covid-19, the event had to be halted after 7 of the 9 rounds.

 8.       The Olympiad was due to take place in Moscow, Russia in August 2020, and the Selection Committee had carried preliminary work with website entries and draft emails for potential players and captains, and arranged a date and venue for the selection meeting to take place.  Alas, because of Covid-19, the Olympiad has been put back to 2021.

 After 8 years in the post I have decided not to seek further re-election, I thank the EGCA for their support during this time and wish them well for the future.

 Stuart Hutchings

International Delegate

 Annex 5

This will be fairly short because many of the important events would have occurred after Lockdown was started.

In the Rapidplay Championships in December we had a clean sweep of the winners:

 Ellison Smith (U14)   Tom Davies (U12)  Govind Anandkumar and Aaryan Pandit  (U10) and James Choung (U8)  

The 2020 Primary Schools Championships were won by St Johns’ College

 This year’s Glorney Cup and related events should have been played in France, but will now be played online.  A large number of players from the zone have been selected for this particularly in the Girls and U14/U12 teams.

One Round of the Minor League competition was played before Lockdown with over 40 children playing at Ysgol Melin Gruffydd.  2 more rounds were due to be played there, but in view of the cancellations the winners this year are North Cardiff and Cardiff United who were both on 8 out of a possible 9 points.  The shield should be updated with the winning team names, but in view of the curtailing of the event it is not my intention to give the winners medals as originally intended.

Whilst I still intend - if fit enough when otb chess restarts – to continue to help with arbiting and running the junior rating system, I feel it is time someone younger took over from me as EG junior organiser, and I am stepping down from this post.

John Thornton

Junior Delegate

Annex 6




  1. Remove the post of Match Captain(s) as position no longer required.

 Proposed by Phil Jones, seconded by Martin Ricketts

 Playing Rules

  1. Waive  EGCA the fee for the coming year

 Proposed by Martin Ricketts, seconded by Phil Jones

 General Comments

League chess in East Glamorgan has been in decline for a number of years.  Hardly a season goes by without a small club, which bring variety and breadth to the league, folding.  The 2019/20 season has seen this decline accelerating with record numbers of teams withdrawing from the leagues and record numbers of games being defaulted.

There is no more certain way of players being denied the opportunity to play league chess than for a team to fail to field a full complement on the night.  The Rhondda club has suffered this experience on far too many occasions over the last nine months.  Clubs are simply trying to run too many teams with too few players.

  1. League Structure  Clause 1 - delete "5 boards", replace with "4 boards"

The lack of drivers is a perennial but, it would seem, an increasing problem.  In our club we have a number of drivers who are not prepared to take more than 3 passengers.  Reducing team size from 5 to 4 players would at least double our number of drivers.

Proposed by Dave Lewis, seconded by Edwin Allen

 4.       Game Numbers Restrictions Clause 8d - delete "30 games", replace with "27 games"

This season we have had players turning out for 3 or 4 teams in the same division.  This is a ridiculous situation.  It is akin to a football player turning out for Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and West Ham at the same time.  It distorts competition putting the largest clubs at an unfair advantage.  Quite frankly to achieve a more level playing field the only equitable solution would be to reduce the limit to 18 games.  However, even the modest reduction proposed would allow players to compete for the equivalent of a season and a half.

Taken together these motions should help to sustain 4 divisions of 10 teams (which as far as I can gather is a major motivation spurring clubs to run more teams than their numbers can support) and breathe new life into a tired structure which is in need of a major overhaul.

 Proposed by Dave Lewis, seconded by Edwin Allen